Dr. Hassan Galladari - Dubai American board certified dermatologist. Algeness is the perfect  injectable for deep  volumization with minimal downtime


Dr. Hassan Galladari - Dubai American board certified dermatologist. Algeness is the perfect injectable for deep volumization with minimal downtime

In the last couple of years, I have noticed a shift from my patients towards a more subtle and natural aesthetic. With that there has also been a need to have these procedures performed with little to no downtime. Given that the majority of volumizing hyaluronic acid fillers have some level of hydrophilicity or the ability to absorb water, there was a need for a product that would counter that effect.With the first few patients treated, I rapidly became very confident in using this natural and biodegradable filler.  Algeness is a remarkable product that has greatly enhanced the quality of care I provide to my patients seeking deep volumization treatments. Over the past year, I have fully integrated Algeness into my practice and have been astounded by its exceptional results, safety, and patient satisfaction. It has become my go to volumizing filler that I can build on with other materials to achieve natural, sustained results.Algeness is a bioresorbable, and biocompatible filler composed of agarose, a natural polysaccharide. Its unique composition sets it apart from other dermal fillers in the market, making it a highly desirable option for those seeking deep volumization with long-lasting and natural-looking results. One may consider it as a cousin of HAs given their background, but without the nuances that come with it.My patients have been exceptionally pleased with the outcomes achieved using Algeness, with benefits observed that include:• Natural looking results: Algeness has the ability to provide subtle yet profound volumization, enhancing the contours of the face and restoring youthful facial proportions. The natural-looking results are a testament to the product’s quality.• Safety Profile: Algeness has demonstrated an impressive safety profile, with minimal adverse effects. The product is well-tolerated, and I have not encountered any major complications in my practice.• Longevity: Algeness offers durability, providing patients with volumization that can last for an extended period. This long-lasting effect is a significant advantage, reducing the need for frequent touch-up treatments.• Patient Satisfaction: The overwhelmingly positive feedback I have received from my patients regarding their experiences with Algeness speaks volumes and is very positive. Patients are not only pleased with the results but also appreciate the minimal downtime associated with the treatment. Happy patients tend to bring in other patients.Today, Algeness has become an integral part of my practice, enabling me to offer my patients a safe and effective solution for deep volumization. I have no hesitation in recommending Algeness to my colleagues in the medical community who are seeking to provide their patients with natural and long-lasting results.

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