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Beginning 2020: An overview of growing beauty innovations


Beginning 2020: An overview of growing beauty innovations

As 2020 is just beginning, it may be interesting to review the skin beautification treatments that not only allow to regain a healthy and luminous complexion, but also can reinforce the beneficial effect of a subermal filler such as ALGENESS.

As we are stepping into 2020, it may be interesting to take stock of the latest innovations in skin and body beauty, and to focus on a few of them that are developing rapidly, as they are being embraced by both dermatologists and patients.  

It is a fact that many skin treatments can be used in conjunction with the use of the ALGENESS range of subdermal fillers. Far from being incompatible with the use of a filler, some of these treatments allow to enhance the effect of the subdermal filler even more by sublimating your skin, giving it radiance and a youthful look.

The winter season is not the best for the skin: it has to undergo low temperatures, changes in the environment between indoor and outdoor air, and ambient light remains low. All such factors do not allow our skin and face to be on its best day.

Recently, some products have appeared on the market. They are treatments that we can used to improve skin appearance. Below is a quick overview of the beauty trends that have recently left their mark, and that will undoubtedly continue to be popular with dermatologists and patients in the years to come.

1. Eyebrow enhancement: softer eyebrows, less permanent treatments

In recent years, more and more clients have sought more subtle brow enhancement procedures, giving them a gradual darkening to appear softer. These customers are also looking for less permanent eyebrow enhancement techniques, such as eyebrow tinting and eyebrow extensions. The goal is obviously to achieve eyebrows that give their faces a more assertive look, with finer, more beautiful brows that will bring out the eyes and strengthen their appearance.

2. Volcanic ash is the new cosmetic must-use

Volcanic ash has a rich mineral content. It contains carbon dioxide, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, sodium chloride and sulphur. The properties of ash have been known for centuries and have been used since Roman times for skin treatment. In addition to ash, pumice, sand and clay are also used to achieve beautiful skin and a healthier body appearance.

As an example, a volcanic sand bath in which the client is covered with warm sand has recently been added to the treatment offerings of some institutes with the promise of relaxing the body and making the skin more radiant. What’s more, a number of cosmetic product manufacturers are exploiting the benefits of volcanic minerals in their formulations. For example, some nasal strips use volcanic ash to remove impurities from the skin. Others market volcanic clay masks. Black volcanic sand, on the other hand, is said to exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation.

3. Tatoo peeling

A growing number of people display tattoos; it is a trend. Some beauty professionals offer tattoo waxing, which brings light skin exfoliation and brightens them up. Of course, it is necessary to wait for the tattooed skin to completely heal before undertaking any waxing.

Exfoliation and hydration are the two steps necessary to maintain a tattoo. Wax is effective in exfoliating, moisturizing and illuminating tattoos. Waxing will also maintain the longevity of the tattoo, (contour, colour, sharpness). And it is important to keep in mind that a tattoo is made to last a lifetime, so taking care of your tattoo will keep it looking great for many years after it is created.

4. Yoga skin

One of the most popular trends in skin care is yoga skin. Nicknamed by makeup artist Sara Hill, "yoga skin" combines moisturizing skin care, liquid foundation and liquid highlighter to give skin a luminous, radiant look from the inside out. Generation Yers (or Millennials) are looking for such facials designed to produce a more luminous and radiant complexion.

 The technique of yoga skin is simple: to make the skin look luminous, moisturized, radiant and purified from the inside. Simply mix 3 to 4 drops of liquid foundation, a drop of facial oil and a drop of liquid highlighter in the palm of the hand. Then mix the compound and apply the preparation to the face with light massage to reactivate blood circulation.

5. Electromagnetic fat cell reduction

We have grown familiar with non-invasive body remodelling technologies. What's new is the use of electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic machines produce up to 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes to destroy fat cells and build muscle for a more toned body. Clients appreciate the minimal discomfort and quick results: it takes about four sessions to achieve a convincing result.

6. Mood beauty

After 2019, this year may be the beginning of the era of mood beauty, where skin care products will incorporate mood-boosting effects which act on stress reduction. A range of under-eye patches that aim to improve mood has recently been launched and some product are composed of new oil with the soothing effects of juniper, chamomile, lavender and jojoba. The mix may reduce stress and promote positive thinking.

7. Overnight moisturizing face masks

The development of facial masks has recently skyrocketed on the skin care scene. The latest trend is the sleep mask. As skin regenerates at night, this is a good time to apply powerful, moisturizing skin care ingredients. A mask with extracts of paracress, marjoram leaves and tephrosia purpurea seeds revitalizes tired skin and increases its resistance to stress factors. This is especially the miracle routine of the beauty-conscious clients who refuse to use a mask while performing other social tasks. It is worth noting that some are specialized for certain areas of the face, such as the lips and eyes.

8. Brow lamination

Many customers have grown excited about the launch of brow lamination, a new treatment that creates natural-looking, brushed eyebrows by chemically smoothing them. This new type of treatment gives the eyebrows a voluminous and smooth hold, which can last up to 8 weeks.

9. Marine-safe sunscreens

Many brands market sunscreen creams that respect the marine ecosystems and are safe for reefs due to the absence of ingredients such as oxybenzone and octinoxate. This is becoming a priority for the industry because of the growing desire of customers to have at their disposal suncare products that are both effective and respectful of the marine environment.

10. Prebiotic and probiotic skincare

We know that prebiotics and probiotics are good for our intestines, but they could also be good for our skin. That is why many skin care brands are now looking to harness these live bacteria in their products. Some cosmetic brands have developed a prebiotic powder that seeks to nourish the good bacteria in the skin as well as a mask formulated with yoghurt-based probiotics and antioxidant superfruits that promise to purify the skin.

11. Hydradermabrasion facial treatments

This technology deals with advanced facial exfoliating treatment, and uses a hydradermabrasion device that is used by skin professionals and dermatologists. This treatment is now combined with other methods such as chemical peels, extractions, LEDs and more to cleanse and moisturize, oxygenate, and lighten the skin.

12. Solutions for pigmentation and adult acne

Hyperpigmentation has been a major consumer concern in recent years. Numerous innovations have been introduced to lighten and even out the complexion. In the form of lotions and creams, treatments have recently become increasingly effective.

13. Epigenetic skincare

And finally, to finish our overview, it is appropriate to mention that one of this year's buzzwords is likely to be "Epigenetics". It involves modifying the expression of genes in skin processes to help strengthen the skin's defences.

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, the proliferation of the number and types of non-invasive treatments has seen a major increase in recent years. Although caution should be exercised when it comes to cosmetic innovations, it is fair to claim that most of these innovations allow the skin to regain an improved appearance without major alterations or interruptions to social life.

These minimally invasive procedures can be considered in addition to treatments such as those based on subdermal injectable fillers, which are also undergoing innovation and development by certified dermatologists, such as ALGENESS. ALGENESS is the only natural filler that provides immediately visible results and a high level of safety, as it is totally biodegradable and of 100% natural origin.

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