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Men Wish to Look Younger Too 


Men Wish to Look Younger Too 

As society evolves, so do men, and they too wish to keep a youthful appearance later in life. Societal pressure, competitive work environments and the increasing focus on youthful looks in social media are leading some men to consult with dermatology professionals or plastic surgeons.

With this increasing pressure, more complex professional demands, and the often-overbearing weight of self-image in society, men too want to look younger.  They want to look credible and dynamic in order to meet the personal and professional challenges they face. After several decades of women dominating the attendance in the offices of dermatologists and plastic surgeons, men too are now requesting the services of aesthetics professionals. In 2017, men already accounted for 15% of patients according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), and this figure has been steadily growing since then.

 Gone are the days when only women required the help of aesthetics professionals: Men are now gradually seeking expert dermatological and plastic surgery advice as well. The men of today often compare themselves to their friends or may be encouraged by their partners to consult with dermatologists or surgeons. This could be because they are sensitive to their own image, or because they wish to be image-ready for the fierce professional competition that often takes place in the workplace. Other motivating factors could be that with the help of a dermatologist, they can feel better prepared to cope with any challenges they have to face in their personal lives.

 The care with which some men portray themselves through social media is indicative of a change in male social network use and behaviours. This leads men to pay increasing attention to the image they convey publicly. This trend is gradually gaining ground and growing numbers of men over 30 are now making appointments with aesthetics practitioners.

To preserve their youthful appearance and remain professionally and personally attractive in a competitive world, they seek help from dermatology professionals. For instance some men may wish to alter the shape of their nose which has been a problem them for years, or they may wish to erase their tired looks by getting rid of dark circles, or they may even decide to add volume to their lips or make their jawline more conspicuous.

The male patient population can be broken down into 3 different age segments: 30 to 40-year-olds, 40 to 55-year-olds and the over 55s. Men aged 30 to 40, pay a great deal of attention to their looks and often spot the first signs of aging on their faces, which leads them to immediately consult a professional. Then comes men aged between 40 and 55 years old who may wish to ask for professional expertise on how to look less tired.  The last patient segment is men aged 55 and older. These men still feel physically fit and dynamic and they wish to convey this in their appearance. It is worth noting that all 3 types of male patients wish to obtain genuine and discreet-looking results.

A healthy glow is paramount for 30-year-old patients

Increasingly, a growing number of male patients are opting for subdermal filler injections to suppress the first signs of facial aging. An increasing number of certified dermatology professionals are choosing ALGENESS® subdermal fillers because these fillers are the ideal solution to erase the first appearance of fines lines and wrinkles, or to plump up cheekbones or even to restore volume to jawlines. ALGENESS® continuously proves to be the best possible option for subdermal facial injections. The filler isn’t HA-based, it is 100 % natural, and the results are visible immediately after the injection. These features of ALGENESS® fillers are gaining great momentum with this generation. 

Fighting the ‘tired-eye’ look seduces the 40 to 50-year-olds

Once men reach the age of 40, they tend to focus on the eye region of the face. Their lifestyles have compelled them to work heavy schedules and tiredness takes its toll. Their main concern is to get rid of that ‘tired-eye’ look. ALGENESS® subdermal fillers are perfectly suited to replenish and restore volume to the eye areas. Once ALGENESS® fillers are injected, the results are immediately noticeable and the filler doesn’t migrate under the skin, which provides a stable effect. In addition, since ALGENESS® subdermal fillers are hydrophobic, oedemas do not appear, and there is no swelling.

Helping men over 50 years old regain a youthful face without surgery

Once men reach 50, their faces may undergo local volume loss or sagging. The oval shape of the face can tend to retract due to partial tissue and bone loss. The use of ALGENESS® subdermal fillers provides solutions to this which are much less invasive than plastic surgery, and which consequently avoid long recovery times. In these cases, the volume of ALGENESS® subdermal filler required is greater, but the results are immediately visible and may last up to one year. Moreover, ALGENESS® subdermal fillers are fully absorbed by the body and release no cross-linking agents.

Men are increasingly paying close attention to their appearance and are more interested in solving facial skin aging problems at many stages in their lives. ALGENESS® subdermal fillers provide the optimal solution for each age segment and injections are less invasive than plastic surgery procedures.

Should anyone (male or female) wish to obtain more information regarding ALGENESS® injectable subdermal fillers, please contact us via our website. Whatever the facial area or for whatever the reason, after careful discussion between the patient and the practitioner, ALGENESS® products will bring excellent shaping capabilities and a more defined youthful appearance.

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