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Subdermal injectable filler use can greatly improve lower face contour


Subdermal injectable filler use can greatly improve lower face contour

ALGENESS subdermal injectable filler turns out to be a great help in redefining facial contour around the jawline and chin.

Subdermal injectable fillers have a great range of action when it comes to improving facial appearance. People often think that fillers can only be used to reshape the cheeks, nose or forehead; however, fillers have another use, and that is to reshape the chin and/or jawline of patients who are not satisfied with their current facial contours. They are also appropriate for older patients who often suffer from facial bone resorption and even fat pad shrinkage as years go by.

In Asia, more than in other regions of the world, particular attention is devoted to the lower face and they often use filler to reshape the jawline and chin.  This is why this blog is focusing on these two areas of the face this month.

With the advent of 360-degree scientific research and state-of-the-art computer programs, male jawline angle has become the object of much interest from researchers and plastic surgeons. Indeed, not only women care about the aesthetics of their face now. And in spite of the fact that women still compose the main part of dermatologists’ clientele, the angle of the perfect jawline for men has been determined; the ‘perfect male jawline’ is now out and is precise enough that it has been measured. This angle turns out to be 130° in face profile view, with a curvature in the oblique view visible from earlobe to chin and not pointy (1).

These scientific findings remind us just how much emphasis is placed on the near-perfect jawline angle. This shows us that a great deal of individuals are influenced by show-business stars or actors, who spend their days in the limelight, and who also carry this image of aesthetic near-perfection, particularly in their facial features.

This is very true and widespread in Asian countries. In this region, facial beauty standards are quite different from those in the Western world: Complexion must be pale, facial features must be smooth and perfect faces must have an oval shape. This is one of the main reasons why many Asian women - and now a growing number of men - are choosing to change their mandibular shape to feel more in tune with the fashionable oval image of the face that is most prominent in Asia these days.

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