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Subdermal injectable fillers are the ideal non-surgical solution for cheek volume and zygoma arch reshaping


Subdermal injectable fillers are the ideal non-surgical solution for cheek volume and zygoma arch reshaping

In previous articles in this series we have investigated the various skin enhancing solutions offered by ALGENESS including the treatment of dark circles, nasal enhancements, lip contour and volume improvements. This month, the focus will be on the facial areas of the cheeks and zygomatic arches.

In recent years, subdermal fillers have emerged as the ideal type of product for restoring a youthful, healthy face, including - among other facial areas - the cheeks and zygomatic arches. ALGENESS products, due to their unique composition and their volumizing capabilities, make them the perfect products to use on these parts of the face, without any need for a surgical procedure.

This article will focus on two common, non-surgical procedures that are regularly requested by patients in consultation with their aesthetic doctor; cheek volumization and zygomatic arch reshaping.

These areas of the face can lose their radiance and youthful appearance as time goes by. ALGENESS fillers are the ideal solution for this. They are composed of purified agarose, which is 100% natural. Thanks to these injectable subcutaneous fillers, it is possible for the dermatologist to reshape the lines and curves of the face depending on the need of the patient. The final goal is to restore partial or total lost volume, and to attenuate age-related blemishes, giving the face back the volume and support that had gradually disappeared.


Cheek volumization


When the skin on the face begins to lose firmness and sag, ALGENESS is the perfect solution. It can redefine and increase the volume of the cheekbone, without creating an oedema, unlike other HA-based (Hyaluronic Acid-based) fillers. Located under the eye and close to the nose, the cheekbones are set in a strategic part of the face, which makes the doctor’s work delicate. It is worth noting that all physicians’ who are qualified to inject ALGENESS fillers have undergone training provided by ALGENESS, which offers the treated patient great results, and consequently great satisfaction.

With ALGENESS, within just minutes of the injection of the fillers, the result is visible to the patient. This is yet another undeniable advantage of the technology developed by ALGENESS, which saves patients from experiencing unpleasant surprises in the immediate post-injection period or in the days following treatment.


Remodelling of the zygomatic arch


ALGENESS products are also great for getting the filler into the deepest layers of the skin. To redefine the zygomatic arch for example, the hypodermis as well as the area close to the malar bone needs to be injected. The practitioners who perform these injections must be very experienced in this kind of delicate procedure, and ALGENESS ensures that the professionals who inject their products are certified practitioners.

This practice allows long-lasting filler results, while limiting the risk of oedema in the post-injection phase. Furthermore, the high G prime of ALGENESS products, combined with their low subcutaneous migration, gives the patient a result that is not only immediately visible, but also long lasting.

Only ALGENESS obtains such an immediate result with such precise control. With ALGENESS, there are no surprises: The ALGENESS filler is hydrocolloid, so there is no water recall and what you see after the injection is what you get. This allows patients to see the result of the treatment before they even leave the practice, because there is limited risk of unpleasant swelling following the injection.

Should you wish to obtain more information regarding ALGENESS injectable subdermal fillers, feel free to contact us via our website. Whatever the concern, after careful discussion between patient and practitioner, ALGENESS products, with their excellent shaping capabilities, will provide a more defined youthful and healthy-looking appearance.

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